Due to ATC, ARFFS and Airside Maintenance being staffed by the minimum numbers required to run the Aerodrome any long-term illness can adversely impact on our service provision. In order to minimise operational staff being exposed to Covid-19 the following measures are now in force:

  1. No visitors, including pilots, will be permitted in the ATC Unit or the Fire Station. Any payments for landing fees or fuel will be taken, outside the building, by credit card machine and the receipt emailed
  2. ATC, ARFFS and Airside maintenance personnel will not normally enter the Redhill Aerodrome Business Centre (any mail will be placed in the external post-box) or any other building on the Aerodrome. Should this be necessary they will wear a face covering and observe social distancing measure
  3. RAL administration staff will not visit ATC or Fire Station
  4. External contractors are not to come into the ATC Unit, Fire Station or Hale Farm without them providing assurances that they are not at risk of carrying or being infected with Covid-19. The person arranging any work shall provide the SATCO or SAFO, as appropriate, with this reassurance
  5. When out and about duty ARFFS crew and Airside Maintenance staff are to keep a minimum distance 1m between themselves and anyone seen to be coughing or sneezing
  6. Rob Webster (SAFO) and I have contingency plans for emergency ARFFS and ATC rosters should they become necessary however these would require closure of the Aerodrome for short periods, hopefully these will not be required.
  7. RAL Accounts and administration staff may also put measures in place to work from home, please use email as the primary means of contacting staff.

These measures will remain in force until the Government declares this crisis is over.

Philip Wright Aerodrome Manager/SATCO.