Hangar 9 and The Pilot’s Hub Statement from Redhill Aerodrome 7 October 2022

The current lease on Hangar 9, which includes The Pilot’s Hub, will not be renewed when it reaches its termination date on 31 March 2023. Redhill Aerodrome – the landlord – has acted in accordance with the terms of the lease which were agreed in 2019. This is a commercial decision taken several months ago and communicated to the leaseholder to give him adequate time to make new plans elsewhere.

Redhill Aerodrome will take back Hangar 9 and operate that space itself. Aircraft owners using Hangar 9 are being informed of the changes and are invited to apply to Redhill Aerodrome after 1 November 2022 if they wish to store their aircraft in the hangar after 31 March 2023.

The premises occupied by The Pilot’s Hub will be subject to a new lease, separate from Hangar 9, and the aerodrome intends to open a new food and drink facility later next year that will provide better and more appropriate services to the growing number of tenants, their guests and pilots. Hence it is being refocused to be inward facing to serve the commercial users of the aerodrome which has always been its intended purpose. The new facility will continue to provide local employment.

Redhill Aerodrome is privately owned. Although it is primarily an airfield, it is also a business park occupied by many commercial tenants who are entitled to a safe and protected environment with reasonable security measures in place to restrict and monitor access by visitors. The site is not equipped or managed as a recreation space for the general public and has a limited number of parking spaces which are allocated to tenants.

Issued by Redhill Aerodrome Limited.