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Redhill Aerodrome

Aviation Activities

Redhill has a range of commercial aviation activities, these range from helicopter and fixed wing charter services to flying training and aircraft maintenance. The aerodrome is also home to a number of private aircraft whose owners base hem at Redhill because it provides a convenient location for both business and leisure purposes.

Commercial Activities

There are a variety of companies and organisations based at Redhill Aerodrome. Details on these companies can be found on the Airfield Business page.

Aerodrome Business Park

Redhill Aerodrome Business Park

The Redhill Aerodrome Estate offers a wide range of competitively priced accommodation that ranges from a simple office up to aircraft hangars, warehouses and storage units. The entire estate is set in picturesque country side which makes a great environment in which to work. With adequate parking and a popular cafe at hand, Redhill Aerodrome is somewhere people enjoy working.

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