Airfield Briefing

Date:01/12/2021 Time: 08:30 UTC Runway: 25

Operating Hours

0900 - 1700 Local (0900 - 1700 UTC)

Runway 18/36:Closed. NOTAM L5081/21.
Runway 08L/26R: Closed, NOTAM L5082/21.
Runway 08R/26L: Closed to fixed-wing. Avbl to helis at night.NOTAM L5083/21.
Runway07/25(Unlicensed): In operation.
Helicopter Ops: All areas available.
Note:Grass W of Rwy 18/36 closed to fixed-wing acft. NOTAM L5061/21 refers.
Caution: increased bird activity. NOTAM L4745/21.
No fixed-wing circuits Sun - Mon when Rwy 07/25 in use. NOTAM L5084/21.
Weather Info ATIS (VHF) 125.305 MHz (Tel) 01737 822947.
Next Inspection:

02/12/2021 at 08:30 UTC

Sunset 15:58 Local - 15:58 UTC

Weather Warnings

Strong Wind:0600-1200: 15-20kts G25-30kts WNW
1200-1500 15-20kts G25-30kts NW
Thunderstorm: Nil.